The Department of Science and Technology (DOST), through the Packaging Technology Assistance Program, provides a wide range of packaging technology solutions in order to transform locally-produced goods into globally-competitive products.

The program is intended to boost the competitiveness of these products through the provision of packaging services - from package development and trainings to laboratory and consultancy services - among many others. The program has assisted hundreds of micro, small and medium enterprises, tapping both in-house and external experts.


Laboratory Testing and Analysis

Conduct physical, microbiological and chemical testing for food products including nutritional analysis. Our partner laboratories can also provide shelf-life testing as well as specialized tests for packaging products and materials.



Conduct various seminars and trainings on packaging technology where we provide guidance and assistance in solving technical problems related to packaging. These may also include hazard and food safety issues.


Technical Consultancy

Offers consultation services on general product -package compatibility, packaging material suppliers, service providers (toll packers and printers) and label design.

How to avail to our assistance?

Fill up Request for Technical Assistance (RTA) or you may visit the nearest DOST Provincial Office in your area.

Who may apply?

Any Filipino micro, small and medium-scale enterprise preferably under the DOST priority sectors, i.e. processed food, furniture, gifts, toys and houseware (GHD), horticulture, aquaculture, metals and engineering, health products and information and communications technology (ICT).



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