This project primarily involves the roll-out of complementary food production for the commercialization of three complementary food products in five regions initially namely CAR, IVB, IX, CARAGA and XII. The project shall be implemented through a collaborative effort among DOST XII, DOST-FNRI and Sultan Kudarat State University (SKSU) in coordination with LGU concerns in the region. DOST-FNRI developed the said technologies and is committed to conduct TNA, plant lay-out and technology training, while the DOST XII as implementing agencies shall insure and effective, efficient transfer of the said technologies for commercialization. The technology adopter shall provide fund support for the building, personnel and MOOE to complement the S&T intervention related equipment which is counterpart of the DOST (CO). The agreement shall be ratified through a Memorandum of Agreement.


The objective of the project is to transfer and commercialize these three (3) FNRI-developed complementary food technologies in the regions. Specifically, first, to introduce affordable and nutritious complementary food products using rice blended with mongo and/or sesame. Second, to facilitate the adoption and commercialization of rice-mongo curls, rice-mongo-baby food blend and rice-mongo-sesame baby food blend. And lastly to strengthen the partnership of DOST, LGUs, SUCs, NGAs and private sector and other institutions in the implementation of the project. The targets to reduce the prevalence of malnutrition by 6.6 % in 2015 with an average annual reduction of 1.65% from 2011 through the use of the complimentary nutritious food produced by the said facility which will be distributed region-wide.

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