GENERAL SANTOS CITY – Moving towards halal industry. A single goal intensified.


Six (6) agricultural associations have broken with their tradition of neutrality towards halal market and product development as they went through knowledge-filled discussions with the highly experienced trainers yesterday in the Orientation-Seminar on Halal, Nutrition Facts and Packaging and Labelling for CEST and ELCAC Beneficiaries in Sarangani Province at East Asia Royal Hotel, General Santos City.


The said orientation-seminar geared the associations coming from different parts of Sarangani Province namely Ulas Farmers Association, Inspiring Heroes of Alabel, Allegria OFW Association, Lumad-Moro-Christian Women’s Association, Tri-People Agro-Forestry Association and Virgin Coconut Oil Producers Cooperative towards product development specifically in halal certification and proper packaging and labelling.


Giving vibrant smiles and gestures of excitement, the attendees expressed their utmost gratitude to the DOST XII Regional Director Engr. Sammy A. Malawan, CESE and to PSTO SarGen OIC-Provincial Director For. Nabil A. Hadji Yassin, together with the resource speakers Ms. Maritzu S. Sinolinding and Ms. Ainee D. Gamor, both excellent registered chemists and experts in Halal. "Thank you so much DOST XII for introducing product development, especially Halal and packaging and labelling to us who are operating in far-flung areas. We have never expected that these lectures, although rigorous, are so much enjoyable; and surely, these learnings we got will massively impact our strivings in our individual locations in Sarangani Province.", said Ulas Farmers Association in their statement at the end of the event.


Ms. Sinolinding elaborated in her presentation the totality of Halal; its meaning, its importance, do's and dont's in product preparation, regulations, and the process of certification. Furthermore, she enthusiastically encouraged everyone to undergo halal certification to ensure high quality product formulation and development.


"Your market will drastically rise up if you will have halal certification. Safe and high-quality product equals more costumers. " non-verbatim she added.


In the afternoon, the entire hall was stimulated by the information showcased by Ms. Gamor in her topic in product packaging and labelling. She insisted that having the product labels is essential to the marketability of their products. She said "product labels will serve as your communication to your costumer as they investigate your goods, since you are not present during their purchase. 


Jaw-dropped and amazed until the end of the session, the participants received their certificates with never-ending gratitude as they give their assurance to commit to halal and product development.


The DOST XII continued to inspire the different associations to be engaged in halal industry and access and avail the agency's services.


"Improving your products and its packaging and labelling and complying to halal standard will open up your market to both Muslim and non-Muslims consumers that will potentially advance your market from local to international level.", expressed For. Yassin representing the DOST XII RD Engr. Malawan.


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