The DOST XII Regional Standards and Testing Laboratories (DOST XII RSTL) is comprised of four (4) laboratories namely: Microbiological Analysis LaboratoryPhysical/Chemical Testing Laboratory, Metrology Laboratory and the DOST XII Satellite Laboratory. Its Microbiological, Physical-Chemical and DOST XII Satellite Laboratories are accredited testing laboratories by the Philippine Accreditation Office in accordance with the highly respected and recognized International Standards ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. It was established to provide quality testing and calibration services for customer satisfaction and confidence.

                Laboratory Testing covers multiple physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters to analyze the safety of food, feeds and water samples. DOST XII RSTL uses latest editions of internationally recognized official standard reference materials such as the Association of Official Analytical Chemist (AOAC) for physical/chemical analyses, SMEWW for water/wastewater testing of both physical/chemical testing and microbiological analyses, and BAM 2001 Online for microbiological analyses of food and food-based products.

                The chemical laboratory also provides nutritional facts labelling for food samples to standardize Nutrition Labels appearing on retail containers in order for the products of food processors and manufacturers in Region 12 to penetrate the globally competitive market.


                The DOST XII RSTL aims to provide timely, accurate and reliable services to customers, using the latest analytical methods and procedures that are accepted as international standards.