What are the parts of the Mosquito OL Trap?

       The Mosquito OL-Trap has three important parts: a black container, a small strip of lawanit measuring 1" X 6.5" (like an ice drop stick) for mosquitoes to lay their eggs on, and a larvicide solution to kill the mosquito larvae that will hatch in the strip of wood and in the solution.


How does the Mosquito OL Trap work?

       The scent of the solution invites female mosquitoes to the trap where they lay eggs on the stick and on the solution itself. The stick, moistened by the solution through capillary action, is highly attractive for mosquitoes to lay eggs on . As the eggs and the hatched larvae (also called "wrigglers") get exposed to the solution, they die. The trap does not kill the adult mosquitoes. Instead, its ovicidal and larvicidal effect prevent the next generation of mosquitoes from reaching adulthood, thus curbing the Aedes mosquitoes population.


Is the trap safe even when liquid in the container is accidentally ingested?

       Yes, the OL trap solution is very safe. It is organic and non-toxic.


How many trap does a household need?

       One household should have four traps-two inside and two outside-to be put in low, dark corners of the house.


How many trap does a community need?

       It depends on how big the community is. Ideally, the trap can cover a 50-meter radius, so another set of traps shouldbe placed before the end of the covered distance.

What are the advantages of using the OL trap compared with other mosquito control products?

       The Ol trap is safe and easy to use. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxinc. It is also much cheaper compared with other mosquito control products. The OL trap is a prevention strategy to curb the population of dengue-carrying mosquitoes.


Where can we buy the trap?

       You may contact Heritage Veterinary Corporation (HVC), authorized manufacturing and distributing of DOST Mosquito OL Trap or visit DOST Regional Offices


What will I expexct while using the trap?

       Continued presence of eggs and larvae in the trap means that there are still mosquitoes in your area. When there are no more eggs and larvae, it means that there are no more mosquitoes in your area.


How many OL Pellet sachets are needed per week?

       One sachet per container is needed every week.


How long will I have to use the trap?

       As long as there are still eggs being laid in the kit, the use of the OL trap should be continued.