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GENERAL SANTOS CITY- The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) XII Regional Director Dr. Zenaida P. Hadji Raof Laidan was invited as Guest Speaker to talk on ‘Understanding Halal and Its Importance in Hospitality Industry” during the recently concluded “Student Power Conference 2018” held at Greenleaf Hotel, General Santos City last March 1, 2018.

Dr. Laidan believed that it is highly important to put weight into educating the future human resources that can contribute to the development of other Halal relevant industries for the country’s inclusive growth and development.

As part of DOST XII’s Philippine Halal Program, securing the integrity of food and services in establishing Halal Hospitality Industry is of high value.

“It is by knowing and understanding the key concepts of Halal and how to ensure its integrity that Philippine Halal Industry can smoothly progress. With DOST XII Halal Laboratory, we can protect our Muslim tourists with Halal certified kitchens and Halal-certified food products,” Dr. Laidan added.

Organized by Joji Ilagan International School of Hotel and Tourism Management (JIB-IS) of General Santos City, the event was able to converge hundreds of participants from schools and universities, and hotel and restaurant managers across the region.

Halal, as a quality way of life, does not only focus on food and non-food products, but also cut across other services including tourism, banking and financing, logistics, and many others.

Muslim travel market is now widely recognized as key growing tourism sector projected to be worth $222 billion by 2020 and is growing at an annual rate of 4%.

Philippines, now exploring Halal tourism and other Halal-related services, is at highpoint of benefitting from its eco-friendly tourist attractions combined with its rich diverse culture, making the country an attractive destination for over a billion Muslim population around the world.

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